Zen is not a religion, a belief system, nor a philosophy.

Zen is a simple way to discover our True Self through direct, concrete experience and attain true peace of mind. The way to reach this experience is zazen (坐禅), a practice of sitting zen meditation. The practice is simple, but it requires discipline and guidance from an authentic zen teacher.

Sanbo Zen is a lay lineage of Zen practice, based in Kamakura, Japan, which combines its Soto heritage with a program of Rinzai koan study.

The full history of Sanbo Zen can be found here.

Sanbo Zen puts utmost priority on Kenshō (見性)—the actual, direct experience of the True Self—and its embodiment in daily life. This experience was first attained by Shakyamuni Buddha 2400 years ago and passed on from India to China, then Japan, and now to many other parts of the world.

Kensho is not dependent on doctrine, ethnicity, nor religious background. Sanbo Zen community extends worldwide, throughout Europe, North America, Australia and Asia.

Sanbo Zen International was established to strengthen this community and further spread the authentic path and practice of zen.

If you would like to find out more, please contact one of our sanghas.