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YAMADA Kôun Roshi stated as follows:
“The fundamental position of the SANBÔZEN is
to stand at the origin point of Buddhism
through the Dharma gate of Dôgen Zenji.”

The “origin point of Buddhism” means Shakyamuni, especially his great enlightenment experience itself. After a long period of ascetic training Shakyamuni was confident that true enlightenment was not a product of asceticism; therefore, he nourished himself through proper meals and then sat under a tree, which later became known as the Bodhi-tree. On 8 December, upon glimpsing the twinkling morning star he suddenly came to a great and thorough enlightenment. This experience of great realization of Shakyamuni is the origin point of the Buddhist Way.

The purpose of our practice is to follow the footsteps of Shakyamuni through correct zazen practice and to realize our true nature which is infinite and absolute; furthermore, we aim to eradicate our attachment to enlightenment as such and keep making endless efforts to let our true self manifest itself in our personality and daily life. This is what is meant by “the Dharma gate of Dôgen Zenji.”

Through this actual practice we can attain true and ultimate peace of mind and come to foster spontaneously a deep Bodhisattva-wish to share this joy with all other beings, while constantly engaged in the great activities of purifying this world and this entire universe. In the Way of Zen, handed down through the buddhas and ancestors in the past, the way to actualize this great aim is traditionally established in a concrete and distinct manner – that is zazen. It is the ultimate aim of the SANBÔZEN to contribute to steadily realizing true and everlasting peace among all people through this actual practice of zazen.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]